Two days after a coaching session with Vanessa, my colleagues already noticed my improved attitude and positive comments at work, which is testament to how impactful equine therapy truly is! After determining an area I wanted help with and from the onset of the coaching sessions, Vanessa asked poignant questions, and rather than telling me what I should change and learn from the experience, she helped me come to my own realizations based on my own thoughts and intrinsic needs. The activities/lessons she crafted involving the horses were fruitful and super fun! After a session highlighting positives and negatives about my area for improvement while interacting with the herd, she asked me questions about my body language during the equine time, and we determined symbolic movements that also supported the revelations I had. I immediately felt empowered that I could overcome the obstacle which I set to improve. The coaching sessions far surpassed my expectations; I honestly didn't quite know what to expect. Vanessa's professionalism, positive energy, poignant questions, as well as educational and research background made the experience worthwhile and interesting! I think anyone would benefit from a session with Vanessa; she can help with anxiety, personal problems, work conflicts, family relationships, building self-esteem and more. I highly recommend using equine therapy for self-improvement!