Equine Assisted Coaching

In the famous words of Wyatt Webb, "It's Not About the Horse". This is about YOU working with horses to discover and learn things you may have never known about yourself.

You may have a child that is nervous about reading, a teen who lacks confidence, or maybe as an adult, you have found yourself a little lost in life and are seeking answers. Through the gifts of horses, people grow, learn, and find just the answers they need.

How does it work?

First, a coach will speak with you on the phone or in person to get a good understanding of where you are, what your goals are or what you want to change in your life, and perhaps what has been holding you back or standing in the way. From there, you will schedule your first session. The sessions are tailored to YOU and your goals. You do not have to ride a horse. Most coaching exercises are done on the ground with the coach and horse(s).

Is this therapy?

Therapy and coaching are a bit different. Traditionally, therapy focuses on the past, healing the past, and goes forward from there. Coaching is more future and goal oriented. Coaching still requires a bit of understanding the past, however, the focus is on what YOU want in life and how to get there. 

Do you offer horse therapy?

At Foundations Farm, we can offer therapy sessions with a licensed therapist and an equine assisted coach that will help the therapist by suggesting activities, making observations, and ensuring the safety of client and practitioner.  

We also offer therapeutic activities that are helpful for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, confusion, transition, and more. These activities are guided by a coach or mental health provider to help you destress, relax, achieve better mental clarity, provide comfort without judgement, and ease the anxiety or confusion of transition.