$100 for a visit up to 20 minutes. If outside of a 10 mile radius of Wauconda, a mileage charge of $3 per mile, will be applied. 

For example, a visit to Woodstock, Il is 17 miles from Wauconda: 
$100 + 7($3.00) = $121

To schedule a Horsey Gram,

call or text: 224-442-FARM (3276)

Flowers have been done

Fruit attracts flies

Chocolate is messy

How about a unique greeting that is sure to bring BIG smiles? 

When you send a Horsey Gram, Foundations Farm will bring 2 mini horses, a pony, or a horse right to their front door! 

Your recipient can pet and hug our friendly equine(s) and learn a little bit about horses.